We’ll be the first to say it — gophers are kind of cute. It’s one of the many reasons that the movie Caddyshack is so much fun to watch: that cute, pudgy little gopher puppet dancing at the end after alluding Bill Murray’s numerous attempts to destroy the little guy. Those buck-toothed goofballs may be cute, but they’re totally ready to come wreak havoc on your yard. Your first instinct after finding a dead plant with no roots left might be to start exterminating the little guys. While gophers and their other rodent friends are a nuisance, they don’t really deserve the death penalty. Instead, give your plants some protection and take the higher ground, look into a gopher basket.

So You Have A Gopher Problem

Everyone can sympathize with the Caddyshack gopher, after all, he’s just surviving. So, what makes that gopher terrorizing your yard different? He’s terrorizing your garden, not mythical Bill Murray’s. The key here is to find a peaceful harmony with the little guy. Gophers actually serve a very productive purpose in the ecosystem of your garden. They’re long claws work to till your garden as they search for plants to eat. While they work, they effectively crumble packed, condensed earth into loam and bring subsoil up to ground level. This reduces compaction, increases soil aeration and fertilizes the soil because they’re adding organic matter in the form of their droppings and turned up plant matter. Would eliminating gophers from your yard entirely be great? Probably, but keep in mind their presence isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

What To Do About Gopher Deterrent

If you’ve seen a gopher trap with a little fluffy gopher in its clutches, you know that it can be traumatizing. It’s like witnessing some medieval torture method being demonstrated on a rodent body. It’s weird, it’s unsettling, and above all, it’s completely unnecessary. There are many ways to protect your plants from those gopher teeth that aren’t nearly as abrasive as killing an environment regulator like the gopher. And we don’t mean attacking them with gas or poison, as those are known to harm pets and children bystanders and they could fall prey to the same effects as this helpful mammal. Instead, it might be an advised decision to pursue living in harmony with the little guys. If you’re interested in a better way to deter gophers, you might start to approach other solutions to your gopher problem. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide you with options for taking care of your new friends.

The Gopher Deterrent Solution

There are a couple of different options you can put in your back pocket. When combined, these will prove very effective gopher deterrents and make it much easier for you to pursue a healthy garden without the rodent population interfering. The first thing to attempt would be a smellier solution than you might be fond of. Gophers don’t like stinky things, so many gardeners will try placing some dirty kitty litter in the main tunnel system of the gophers to help push the little guys in the opposite direction, i.e. away from your yard. Another possible solution is to try barrier trenches. If you dig a trench around the garden you’re trying to protect, it makes it harder for the gopher to get up underneath and start attacking your plants. This trench should be 18” deep and three feet wide for it to be truly effective. A great solution is to fill this trench with daffodils which act as a depressant to their little bodies when ingested. They’ll pass out, and then using sufficient protection to ensure you don’t really touch the little guys, you can transport them to a wild area far away from your garden.   

Finally, the best, and easiest way to deter gophers is a gopher basket, sometimes known as rodent mesh. When planting your plants for this coming spring season, merely surround the roots with rodent mesh and plant them. Since Western Planting Solutions rodent mesh is made from galvanized steel, their little claws will have a hell of a time getting through the protective barrier that will keep your plants alive and living in harmony with the little critters building tunnels.

Shop Western Planting Solutions

If you’re interested in treating your yard neighbors with compassion instead of brutality, try our solution instead of poison. Our gopher baskets protect all parts of the ecosystem around your garden, the gophers, and your beloved plants. So, invest in harmony with a solution that doesn’t harm, but helps the environment. Shop our grow master gopher baskets here.

Interested in repelling other critters out of your garden? Don’t worry, we’ll get to some of our clever solutions for moles, voles, rabbits, and many more. In the meantime, start with the first line of defense by planting your brand new plants with rodent mesh protection. Our product provides an eco-friendly way to keep communing with nature in your backyard and still protecting your little square of green from the critters native to your area. Check out our critter page to find out more about what the gopher basket can protect against in different areas of North America.