The fall season is the perfect time to get your garden prepped for the next planting season. In fact, if you’re hoping for a stellar year for the upcoming season for your garden, you should get started now. Fall offers a clean slate, you can root out everything you didn’t like, literally and figuratively and make the change that will make all the difference next year. The key to fall gardening is to take advantage of those more mild temperatures and the general lack of insects to do those last bits of work that need doing. We’ve collected a few tips that will render your garden a fabulous display of color and rich foliage next year. Tap into the proper fall gardening game with these mandatory garden maintenance tasks.

Invest In Compost or Manure

If you caught our advice about mulch from our other blogs, you’ll know the importance of getting your soil properly ready for next year. You’ll need to mix in some compost with soil now, at the very least. Next year will be too late and the soil erosion will already have taken its tax on the dirt you need to provide nutrients next year. All you’ll need to do with your compost or manure is spread ta layer across your dirt and have faith in the elements. Winter’s various freezing and warming cycles along with rain and snowfall and the critters that traverse through your garden will work those needed nutrients into the soil for you.

Collect Dried Seeds

Pick them out or pollinated flower and veggies that are long gone and save them. They make great tools to sow your garden next year at the dawn of spring and gives you the opportunity to self-sow your garden. You can even start looking into winter sowing if you’re looking to really encourage the growth and support of your foliage and decoration in your garden next year.

Collect The Remnants For Drying

Go through your garden with a fine tooth comb and pick up the herbs, seed heads, and flowers for drying. Cut back the big plants and bring them indoors to make their colors and smells of fresh foliage last a little longer into the dull and dreary winter ahead.

Cut Back Your Perennials

Keep them in good shape for next year by cutting them back now. Remove the foliage and trim back the bushes and other things so they can grow in earnest next year. Cutting them back now will save their energy stores and get them ready to go into winter hibernation so nothing is damaged and they return better than ever.

Take in Cuttings

If you’re looking to transfer some of your Irish moss from outside to the interior of your home, make the cuttings now and bring them in. If the plant doesn’t go into hibernation properly, you’ll have a piece of it to replant and inherit its place in your garden.

Protect the Root Ball

Just because growing season is winding down doesn’t mean gophers and other undesirable critters won’t still be prowling for unprotected food beneath the ground. Invest in the protection your plants need now so they survive the seasons to come. Never let the gophers and other critters get the best of your plants over the winter, purchase the grow master gopher basket in various sizes now to protect your plants always. Reach out to us if you have questions about what sizes you need and bulk deals.