Our last two blog posts have gone in-depth about common rodents that wreak havoc on West Coast and Midwestern gardens. From mole and nutria takeovers to gopher, groundhog and rabbit infestations, maintaining a healthy garden or farm often seems like an impossible task for many across the nation. But don’t give up yet! Western Planting Solutions offers the latest in pest control technology, with our innovative, harmless gopher baskets. Order one online today to keep these Southern and East Coast rodents away from your garden!

The South


The South is somewhat of a melting pot when it comes to destructive rodents and other common garden pests. Home to a number of mole and gopher species, marshy southern states like Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana provide the perfect environment for these pests to thrive, as they are full of biodiversity and a wide range of colorful plant life to feast on. Ironically, eastern moles are prominent in the South, as they thrive along the Midwestern plains and into southern Texas.


As with the West Coast, nutrias have taken over many parts of the South due to their particular liking for wetland and coastal ecosystems. Don’t be alarmed if you see a 20-pound rat-like rodent wandering through your yard with its babies; they pose no threat to humans, only your garden if you let them. Nutrias burrow underground, lifting the surface above them and completely destroying anything in their way. But unlike moles, they devour every source of plant life around them in the process, including their roots. Next time you encounter this invasive species, put the shovel down and install a gopher basket with rodent mesh from Western Planting Solutions, as this is the only hope for protecting your garden from such a persistent beast.

The Northeast


Many people who live along the East Coast deal with their fair share of voles, a small, adorable and particularly destructive creature. A cousin of other small rodents like mice and rats, the vole is known for its obnoxious habit of burrowing in search of nuts, roots and plants, and often chews plant stems into a pointed tip. People from New Jersey, Maine and Maryland know exactly what we’re talking about, as they’ve likely had this signature left all over their beautiful blooming gardens in the spring.

Star-Nosed Moles

Star-nosed moles are another pesky critter commonly encountered along the Northwest, and are characterized by their giant front feet and bizarre star-shaped nose. Strangely, star-nosed moles spend a great deal of time in the water, swimming right up to your coastal garden from nearby streams. Watch out for these sneaky little critters this spring if your garden begins to lift and bulge.

Whether you live on the East Coast or in the deep South, you’re bound to encounter a wide range of destructive rodents like nutrias, moles and voles. No matter the species, our gopher baskets at Western Planting Solutions can help protect your plants and produce from these pesky critters. Contact us or order a gopher basket online today and start arming your garden!