We’ll be the first ones to admit it, some critters are pretty adorable. And while some can prove to be pesky and start to destroy your plants, plenty of them promote plant life and keep your garden in order. The trick is to encourage the ones helping your ecosystem and deter the ones that aren’t helping anyone but themselves. While the gopher basket can handle the little pests trying to attack your roots, there’s some finesse to managing an ecosystem that’s friendly to bees and the other little animals that make your garden thrive.

Your Garden’s Ecosystem

Beyond the lovely little plants your planted, ranging from the perennials snug in the ground to the, thankfully, protected, delicate flowers in your planters, there is life all over your garden. Which is, of course, why you’ve spent so much time cultivating it. You’ve swept aside the dirt and replaced it with rich potting soil, you’ve spiked your trees so the branches can grow high and cast shade over the plants that want to have less sun. You’ve created a neat little slice of nature for you and your household to enjoy. Once those plants were in the ground, however, they started to thrive because of many reasons that we can’t attribute all to you. Your garden is actually the perfect example of a symbiotic relationship between many organisms, including you. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it means that both animals get something out of this survivalist transaction. It’s much like the crocodile with the little birds in his mouth. He receives a dental cleaning and they get a meal out of the deal creating symbiosis. The symbiosis making your garden tick like the well-oiled clock it is will make it self-sustainable for years to come.

The Pollination

The most common symbiotic relationship in your garden is with those lovely little pollinators. Plants need to be pollinated and the easiest way you can encourage that is by attracting pollinators to your yard. You can create a welcoming environment for birds, bees, bats, and other pollinating critters that come visit your yard and benefit your plants’ health. Bees are the main favorite. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even get a beehive started in your yard, harvest honey easily, and provide reliable pollination to your plants alongside a symphony of little buzzing, fuzzy bumble bees. If you’re not ready to be a beekeeper, all you’ll need to do is plant flowers that attract them. Don’t worry, they won’t just pay attention to the bee-friendly plants, they’ll share the love with the rest in the garden as well. If you’re more of a bird person, add a birdhouse and bird-attracting plants as they’ll accomplish a similar endgame.

Shop Our Galvanized Gopher Baskets

Unfortunately, gophers ravenously eating the roots of your favorite plants is not a symbiotic relationship. Discouraging this relationship starts and finishes with a powerful gopher basket. All you’ll have to do is wrap the gopher wire around the base of your plant as you replant it and it’ll stay safe from those greedy little underground critters. Reach out to us with any questions you have for installation.

Be sure to catch the continuation of our symbiotic relationship blog next time!