A Better Gopher Basket”

Originally Published May 6, 2016 in the San Francisco Chronicle

By Pam Peirce

A yarrow plant protected in a GrowMaster gopher basket. Photo: Pam PeirceMany gardeners (if not the world) will want to beat a path to the purveyors of Grow Master Gopher Baskets. These stainless steel wire mesh baskets will protect plant roots from gophers, voles and tunneling rats. The baskets are soft to the touch, easy to handle and available in many sizes. They are also less expensive than the more rigid wire baskets that were our only option in the past.

Directions from the manufacturer show using a basket the size of the rootball and fitting it on snugly. I prefer to buy baskets somewhat larger than the rootball. I spread a basket into a hole, partially refill the hole within the basket, set the plant in the center and finish filling around the rootball, thus giving the roots some protected space in which to grow. If the pests are munching tops of plants, you can unroll the basket farther, over a small plant, or onto the lower trunk.

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