Gardening can be a highly rewarding hobby. Nurturing small forms of life and watching them grow stronger and bare fruits for you is a really cool experience and it consistently has the ability to make you feel closer to nature. When these plants that you’ve cared for and formed into a living, breathing thing starts mysteriously dying, it can be extremely disheartening. While it’s entirely possible that your plants may have started wilting for some reason out of your control, it’s also entirely possible that one of those reasons is a gopher problem. If you see evidence of a rodent issue, let us help you! Western Planting Solutions offers a completely humane solution that will protect your plants entirely.

How To Determine if You Have a Gopher Problem

If you notice your plants drooping and start to find little brown mounds of dirt in your lawn and your garden, you can probably wager that it’s a gopher or mole. If you’re located on the West Coast, it could be either a mole or gopher. Other areas of the United States have only one or the other. Determining which critter you have could allow you to diversify your efforts to get rid of them. While a steel gopher basket will prevent them from reaching and damaging your plants, you could employ other humane solutions to force them to move onto a different neighbor’s yard.

What Is Burrowing Beneath Your Ground?

You can separate the tell-tale signs of a mole if the mounds in your yard are round and symmetrical, they’ll look like miniature volcanoes. But, instead of spurting lava out, there’ll just be little blind creatures pouring out and eating your plants. You’ll want to watch for dirt clods on top of the mound that will differentiate the critter that it’s made by as well. Those fluffy clods imply mole. This occurs because as moles dig about two feet beneath the surface, they push the excess dirt straight up, creating the molehill in your backyard. If you see mole tunnels in your yard, you’ll recognize them, they look much like the scattering path of veins across the back of your hand, but they’ll lie just beneath the surface of your grass. You’ll start to see these pushed up against a man-made structure, as it acts as a guide for the mole as they search for food. If you have a mole problem, a galvanized gopher basket won’t solve the issue, as they’re not known for eating the roots of your plants. Though the gopher basket will help to avoid disrupting your plants, it’s probably the air pockets the mole is forming that will disrupt your plant life.

A Humane Gopher Repeller

If you’re thinking that you have a gopher problem instead, you’ll see the crescent-shaped dirt mounds from above, and you’ll know. They’ll most likely leave a little plug of dirt on the outside so that they can plug it when they need to. They’re the ones killing your plants in droves, as they’re vegetarians and don’t feed off of just bugs like moles do. You won’t see the same scattering of surface tunnels because they’ll have borrowed deep underneath your yard and created a series of the home tunnel around six feet beneath the surface.

Browse Our Gopher Baskets

If you have a gopher problem, we want to help. There’s no reason you should have to witness the death of your beautifully curated garden and carefully landscaped yard. Browse our wide selection of galvanized steel gopher baskets. Place the roots and base of your plant in the mesh protection so that the burrowing vermin can’t chew through all of your plant’s roots. If you have any more questions about how our gopher deterrent works, find more information on our page here or contact us if you want details about a special order.