If you’ve invested in the grow master gopher basket, you care about the continued well-being of your garden and yard. While there are a litany of solutions that include hard chemicals and other less-than-green-ways to handle your garden’s constantly fluctuating equilibrium, if you love the grow master gopher basket for it’s green and gentle tactics, you’ll probably be looking for more plant solutions that will help you keep your yard in order with ease. In this article of our future plant solutions series, we’ll discuss how you can tend your garden when dealing with especially aggressive plants. Sometimes, you might plant an aggressive plant not necessarily knowing how it aggressive it will become, or perhaps you were unpleasantly surprised by what a tenacious spirit a once tiny plant has. Either way, plants that take over your yard without permission are just as bad as unruly gophers that need to be taken in hand.

Dig Em’ Up

In some cases, the gopher’s tactic of unseating plants and ravaging roots can be helpful to a garden in that it can remove plants that you don’t want anymore. It’s a bummer that the gophers in your yard won’t be able to tell the difference between good plants and bad plants and you’ll end up digging up the dregs of the killed off plant anyway. Yet, one of the most effective tactics for getting rid of plants that you no longer want in your yard is to dig them up yourself. If a plant is taking over where it has not been permitted to get out your literal pitchfork. A fork will be great for this sort of work because it’ll allow you to get to the root of the problem. Plants that grow fast, spread their roots super wider and much wider than their slower growing counterparts. The fork will allow you to dig up the roots where you don’t want them so that they aren’t permitted to reach into the blocked off area again. If you’re trying to gauge when you should attempt this, try to hit your yard when the soil is softest around spring or summer to your tilling is less physically taxing.

Spray Em’

While it’s not the greenest solution, it’s certainly the most effective and there are some chemicals that you can spray that won’t destroy all of your work or the overall environment. If digging doesn’t work to take care of the problem with your unruly plants, this may be your next step. There are a couple of herbicides that actually have an effect on aggressive plants. They go by the names of glyphosate and triclopyr, you’ll find them in Roundup and Brush-B-Gone. The best time to spray is when the plants are growing and flowing and you might try mowing first or cut the plant down so the chemical can get inside and work quickly. Oftentimes, the cutting or mowing alone can stop some of these plants in their tracks.

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While we won’t recommend using gophers to take care of your unwanted plants, we can advocate for taking care of your favorite plants with a grow master gopher basket. Our garden protection can protect plants from all kinds of critters and make keeping your garden under control that much easier. Shop our galvanized wire baskets now.