You’re right in assuming that the garden has to be put away when fall rolls around. Especially once we get past the warmer months in September and even October and we settle into the near winter. “Putting your garden to bed” means a variety of things, like mulching and other fall garden to-dos but mostly it means packing everything away until spring. If you’re unsure of how to execute your fall gardening strategy properly, read on, as we’ll go over how to best put your garden to bed for the next colder months.

To Begin

Start by cleaning up the debris that’s floated into your garden beds. This will make it easier for you to scout for pests and diseases as well as suppressed weeds that might lurk and come back in full force next year. Start the process by cutting all of your perennials back. Then proceed by cleaning up all the plants that won’t be coming back as well as any other debris you find in your garden’s bed. Take this opportunity to finish off the treatments for the disease that you had to deal with or your pest problem. Then look to rebooting your soil properly and rebalancing the entire area. If you have plenty of new plants that are considered more tender and could be more susceptible to the ravages of the coming winter, you’ll want to take the time  to tucking them in properly so they don’t get the brunt of the winter chill and end up dying because of it.

Cut Back Like a Pro

Determine what you’re going to use as winter mulch and what you’re going to cut back. Leave the winter mulch to grow as long as it can and cover the ground with its far-reaching limbs. It’ll serve to protect those perennials and keep them nice and warm. You’ll be able to look up whether a certain plant of yours will fare well as mulch or if it will prosper after being cut back. Be sure to wait to cut everything back until everything thoroughly dies off. If you don’t, it’ll merely encourage more growth when it’ll only get frosted over again. Be sure to wait on all your woody plants before they’re dormant. Don’t prune or cut anything until you’re certain they’ve gone into the firm dormancy of the fall and then feel free to go forward with  trimmings and pruning you need.

Clean Up The Necessities

Pull up all those dead annuals that are only weighing the garden down and making more for you to clean up as you go. Harvest everything above ground including the veggie garden and collect everything from underneath the fruit trees. Don’t let anything edible lie around all winter for animals and bugs to get to; they’ll only be drawn further into your garden and they might root out things that you want to keep.

Invest In The Grow Master Gopher Basket

Fall is the perfect time to start protecting your favorite year-round plants with dynamic critter deterrent. Rather than waiting for the underground scavengers to rear their ugly little heads, setting traps and having to find ways to dispose of their little corpses, just invest in protecting the ball of your plant’s roots originally. With no way to get to the roots, the gophers and other critters in your region will retreat to your neighbor’s yard who was less smart about deterring the little rodents. Shop our products in all different sizes and feel free to ask questions here.