Growing things, in general, is such a rewarding experience. Seeing perfect little green shoots sprout from the ground as evidence of pure and tenacious life can be an incredible experience. Nurturing that life and encouraging it to make a beautiful garden for your enjoyment is always very enjoyable, but that joy is always in danger of being threatened by little critters. Whether it’s bugs that eat through your leaves or critters eating your plant’s roots, it seems like something always comes along to ruin your little oasis. This is especially vexing when you’ve gone through the trouble of nurturing and producing a fresh vegetable garden and looked forward to using the fruits of those labors to include in your cooking and meal prep for the week. If you’ve ever pulled up the roots of your veggie garden hoping to find produce and only finding half eaten vegetables then you’re intimately familiar with the pain those little gophers and critters can cause. Rather than allow your fresh produce to fall prey to their grubby little hands again, we’ve investigated solutions to this little problem and found a variety of options that are as aesthetic as they are practical. Whether it’s the grow master gopher basket or a creative gardening idea, we’re determined to ensure you get the most out of your garden every year.

Designing Your Veggie Garden Protection

Vegetable gardens can come in all shapes and sizes which leaves you with a bit of liberty to decide how the style will fit your landscaping best. In fact, as we all know, some vegetable gardens manage to be so visually appealing that they can put the flower gardens of your neighbors to the test. Plant life of all kinds is beautiful, it’s merely a matter of finding a way to mix elements together in a pleasing way while protecting their roots from burrowing little devils that’ll get to eat their produce before you. So how should you arrange your vegetable garden to keep it pretty while functional? We’ve got a few directions to guide you in.

Decorating With Veggies

While gopher baskets won’t help you decorate they remain the only way that you can keep gophers from getting to your vegetable garden while you’re not looking. If you’re looking to decorate a little more freely with your veggies, you might not have to consider a gopher basket as you can plant them in a variety of containers. Are you digging those trough planters to fit your farm/rustic feel in your backyard? As long as it has plenty of drainage, feel free to fill it full of potting soil and place your veggies safely inside. This can work just as well in other containers such as strawberry planters. You’ll need to make sure you’re only harvesting from the leaves, but they’ll bloom attractively out of those pots depending on the plant. If you’ll need to dig the veggie from the soil to get to the produce, you’ll probably want something with plenty of room between the plant and the edge of the pot or planter so you’ll be able to access the veggie.

Shop Gopher Baskets At Western Planting Solutions

If you’re feeling limited in your design options for your veggie garden but still need to protect it from unwanted critters. Check out our grow master gopher basket available in multiple sizes and made of sturdy galvanized steel. Watch our blog for the continuation of the veggie garden design elements blog.