When you plant a vegetable garden, you want it to be beautiful and an actual addition to your garden rather than just a utilitarian way of producing food. There are quite a few ways to create a beautiful vegetable garden and whether that’s creating neat little lines of cabbage and carrots in a beautiful planter made of stained wood, or in the nicely piled dirt in your front yard, you’ll still need a gopher basket to protect the fruits of your labor. If you saw our previous blog in our series, we discussed the various ways that you can manipulate different garden decorations to accommodate out of the ground vegetable gardens to keep them out of the paws of gophers without planting them with a stainless steel gopher basket. In this blog, we’ll continue that discussion.

The Benefit of Containers

If you do go the route of planting your veggies inside containers, you’ll find you won’t have to find the only optimal place in the yard for them, as you can move the pots around to take advantage of the sun in whatever way you need to. You’ll have to be extra careful, however, as container soil tends to dry out quicker under the beating rays of the sun than the ground would.

The Hanging Gardens

While none of us will ever get to glimpse the beautiful Hanging Gardens of Babylon, we can always create one with hanging baskets and tiered foliage designs around our yard. Using hanging baskets you can hang a whole variety of vegetables up using a variety of platforms. You can stagger them by placing hooks against a strong supporting wall or whatever structure you’d like. Just be cautious, as those pots will get very heavy when full of wet soil and a plant that is producing veggies so whatever support you set up for it, it’ll have to be formidable to stand up against the weight as well as the elements.

The Bedding Plant Aesthetic

If you like the look of Buckingham Palace’s garden you love the bedding aesthetic. There are plenty of veggies that you can use as excellent bedding plants. Lettuce and salad greens make for plants that grow quickly, look pretty and are harvested on the regular. Place them in a shady spot in a pretty piled row with a stainless steel gopher basket to protect them underneath. Since these won’t be in a container, you’ll need them totally protected for the various critters that might come creeping through your yard and garden to scavenge off of your hard work.

The Crate Method

If you like a rustic look and don’t want to devote your entire garden to the veggies, you might just consider investing in the artsy little Pinterest project crates that you can build yourself. The simple carrot gardens that you can easily plant will only be deep enough to harvest salad plants like lettuce, carrots and onions, but you can mix them in with some other veggies that take longer to harvest. As you harvest the pre-mentioned salad plants you’ll notice that they thin out over time and make room for those longer harvest veggies.

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