1. Grow Master Gopher Basket Advice- Creative Ways to Protect Your Veggie Garden (Part 2)

    When you plant a vegetable garden, you want it to be beautiful and an actual addition to your garden rather than just a utilitarian way of producing food. There are quite a few ways to create a beautiful vegetable garden and whether that’s creating neat little lines of cabbage and carrots in a beautiful planter made of stained wood, or in the nicely piled dirt in your front yard, you’ll still …Read More

  2. Grow Master Gopher Basket Advice: Creative Ways to Protect Your Veggie Garden

    Growing things, in general, is such a rewarding experience. Seeing perfect little green shoots sprout from the ground as evidence of pure and tenacious life can be an incredible experience. Nurturing that life and encouraging it to make a beautiful garden for your enjoyment is always very enjoyable, but that joy is always in danger of being threatened by little critters. Whether it’s bugs that e…Read More

  3. Maintaining Your Backyard Ecosystem With A Gopher Basket Part 2

    In our previous blog, we discussed the careful symbiotic relationships that are needed to make your garden thrive instead of just be. Nature is built on a series of symbiotic relationships and although it’s not necessarily as blatant as the little birds cleaning the hippo’s back, it’s still there to be seen with a keen eye. Honing the symbiotic relationships between animals and plants in you…Read More

  4. Maintaining Your Backyard Ecosystem With A Gopher Basket

    We’ll be the first ones to admit it, some critters are pretty adorable. And while some can prove to be pesky and start to destroy your plants, plenty of them promote plant life and keep your garden in order. The trick is to encourage the ones helping your ecosystem and deter the ones that aren’t helping anyone but themselves. While the gopher basket can handle the little pests trying to attack…Read More

  5. Grow Master Gopher Basket Plant Solutions: How to Take Control of Your Yard Part 2

    Welcome back! In our previous article, we discussed the various ways that you can take an advantageously growing plant into hand so that it doesn’t shortly take over your garden. In this article, we’ll continue to explore how you can manage a plant infestation that has surpassed what you had ever expected. Our grow master gopher baskets help preserve the plants you want in your garden, but som…Read More

  6. Grow Master Gopher Basket Plant Solutions: How to Take Control of Your Yard

    If you’ve invested in the grow master gopher basket, you care about the continued well-being of your garden and yard. While there are a litany of solutions that include hard chemicals and other less-than-green-ways to handle your garden’s constantly fluctuating equilibrium, if you love the grow master gopher basket for it’s green and gentle tactics, you’ll probably be looking for more plan…Read More

  7. The Environmental Consequences Of Gopher Extermination

    If you’ve found Western Planting Solutions, chances are you already have a gopher problem in your yard. In most areas, the gopher problem you’re experiencing is actually caused by a pocket gopher. It’s named for the fur-lined pocket on the outside of their little mouths. You’ll see most gophers range anywhere from six to 13 inches in length and have poor eyesight, but they’re not blind. …Read More

  8. Pesky Critters And Where To Find Them: Part 3

    Our last two blog posts have gone in-depth about common rodents that wreak havoc on West Coast and Midwestern gardens. From mole and nutria takeovers to gopher, groundhog and rabbit infestations, maintaining a healthy garden or farm often seems like an impossible task for many across the nation. But don’t give up yet! Western Planting Solutions offers the latest in pest control technology, with …Read More

  9. Pesky Critters And Where To Find Them: Part 2

    If you’ve been following our blog, you already know about some of the most common rodents West Coast homeowners encounter in their gardens and why they are so destructive to plants and lawns. At Western Planting Solutions, we have developed gopher baskets with rodent mesh that are sure to keep pesky critters like moles, nutrias, voles and gophers away from gardens across the nation. Read on for…Read More

  10. How Do You Tell If You Need Root Protection?

    Gardening can be a highly rewarding hobby. Nurturing small forms of life and watching them grow stronger and bare fruits for you is a really cool experience and it consistently has the ability to make you feel closer to nature. When these plants that you’ve cared for and formed into a living, breathing thing starts mysteriously dying, it can be extremely disheartening. While it’s entirely poss…Read More